a chair cover

一起椅 A chairs /義大利 A Design 2017/韓國 K Design 2017

beitao cover

北投 山腰上的家 House on the hillside | 台北市


八里 沐光慢活寓 Life style sunshine residents | 新北市


蘆洲L住宅設計 | Luzou Lin Residents Design | Taipei


大直 我的秘密花園 My Secret Garden /德國紅點Reddot 2015/TID2014 家具類大獎/德國IF 2016

genius computex 2014 cover

昆盈台北電腦展2014 Genius Computex 2014


內湖K宅設計 | Neihu Kim Residents | Taipei


宜蘭頭城| YiLan Taochun 衝浪者之家 | Surf Inn


約簡 simplicity | 汐止 | 賴小姐 Xizhi Lia Resident


木柵 姜小姐 Muza Miss Jian 韓服 Han Dress Store

living on the hill new cover

新北市 朱宅 New Taipei City Chu Resident 山居歲月 Living on the hill

voyage new cover

中和。何宅 Chunghe H Resident 旅程 Voyage

nice living new cover

新竹。良居。居倆 Nice Living, Living Niche

taichung apple store + nike town new cover

台中蘋果店+耐吉城 Taichung Apple Store+Nike Town

taipei commercial building 81 new cover

81號商業建築設計No. 81 commercial architecture building design

washingtonwaterfront new cover

華盛頓西南邊濱水空間再造 Washington’s SW Waterfront Development

renovationspain new cover

Saja-Besaya 流域入水口 The Saja-Besaya River Basin Estuary

renovationfactory new cover

工廠改建社區公園 Factory Renovation Community Park

ecohousing new cover

金山生態住宅 King Shen Village Eco-Housing

fieldpoint new cover

原野點海濱公園 Providence Field’s Point Common

extremesports new cover

極限運動公園 Makepeace Extreme Sports Common

harbinexhibit new cover

哈爾濱城市展覽館前廣場 Harbin Exhibition Center Plaza

Heilungkiangart new cover

黑龍江當代文化藝術區 Heilongjiang Contemporary Cultural Art District

thousandislandwall new cover

千島湖潤和渡假酒店迎賓牆 Thousand Island Renhe Resort Welcome Wall

921 Memorial plaza new cover

921 紀念公園競圖 921 Memorial Design Competitions