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This week, Xiaobian collected 45 fashionable and atmospheric living rooms for you. I hope you can like them. The living room is not only an important activity center of the house, but also the focus of house decoration. If the living room is designed very beautifully, it can not only make people feel comfortable and spacious, but also help to improve the quality of the whole space.

Black and white is always the most classic choice, fashionable atmosphere.

The white space is pure and elegant, which can make people relax.

Simple furnishings and artistic statues are full of literary and artistic models.

Dark green is a very elegant color. It is bright and has vitality.

The large floor to ceiling window in the living room is the state that every family yearns for. It not only has recharge light, but also has excellent vision.

The main light in the living room often becomes the finishing touch to decorate the space, but many families also begin to give up the use of the main light and are replaced by simple and fashionable engineering lights