Home & Design TRENDS magazine 印度設計雜誌報導!

摘自印度《家居與設計趨勢》雜誌。 TRENDS由Worldwide Media發行,是一本建築和室內設計雜誌,在印度市場已有超過6年的歷史。在此期間,我們精選了許多豪華住宅,商業項目,建築師和與設計相關的人物,以及創新的產品和概念。

From Home & Design TRENDS magazine, India. Published by Worldwide Media, TRENDS is an architecture and interior design magazine which is over six years old in the Indian market. Over this period we have featured a number of luxury residences, commercial projects, architects and design related personalities along with innovative products and concepts.

We have a section in our magazine where we feature innovative products and furniture from across the globe. For our next issue, we’d like the opportunity to feature the A Chairs.