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01. 空間靈魂

“圓形的無限特性, 會給你帶來一種不安或困惑的感覺, 所以我們選擇改造他。” ——Arjaan De Feyter

02. 圓型酒廠

The project is transformed from a winery, creating four circular spaces and four different spaces. The first round space is a large living room. Linen curtains are hung in the round concave ceiling to make a relatively private space, and a table sofa is made by the small window.

03. 圓形地毯

On the round carpet, three black tea tables of different sizes and heights are placed in the middle. The black sofa cushion and backrest add a touch of poetic space to the white space.

04. 深色櫃子

In the corridor leading to the kitchen, a row of dark cabinets were made, which brought a sense of mystery to the space.

05. 大落地窗

The kitchen and dining room occupy an excellent position. Opposite the kitchen is a large French window with a beautiful view of the lake.

06. 銀色灰門

A set of built-in wardrobe is made on one side of the bedroom, with a silver gray door extending to the dining room space, full of mystery and tranquility.

07. 簡約低調

The bathroom layout is more simple and low-key. The washstand with marble texture is matched with the black wall, which is like the deep elegance of the forest at the beginning of the night.

08. 魚骨地板

The living room has a fireplace embedded in the background wall. The exquisite furnishings and fishbone stitched floor complement each other, which seems to bring people into the black-and-white gray of the space, showing a high-level feeling between black and gray from a three-dimensional perspective.